Royal Court Theatre announce its Winter 2004 Season

Royal Court Theatre announce its Winter 2004 Season

The Royal Court Theatre has announced future productions in 2004

Public Booking opens 11 Nov 03.

In the theatre Downstairs....

Honeymoon Suite by Richard Bean, opens 12 Jan 04 , following previews from 8 Jan , and booking to 7 Feb 04. It is presented by The Royal Court and English Touring Theatre. It is directed by Paul Miller, designed by Hayden Griffin, lighting by Andy Phillips. If Romeo and Juliet had lived, would their marriage have survived? How long? ten years? Twenty? Fifty? How would the union have coped with poverty, corruption, his ignorance, her aspiration, an ungrateful daughter, no sons, infidelity with an attractive bloke on a night class, God knows how many miscarriages and even murder? (Cast John Alderton, Sara Beharrell, Liam Garrigan, Caroline O'neill, Jeremy Swift, Majorie Yates.)

In Conversation
with Stephen Unwin 27 Jan 04 at 6pm
Artistic Director and the founder of English Touring Theatre, Stephen Unwin talks about his new book, "So you Want To Be A Theatre Director?" - hand's-on, step-by-step guide to directing plays . Followed by a book signing at 6.45pm. Tickets FREE

The Sons Of Charlie Paora by Lennie James, opens 26 Feb 04 , following previews from 25 Feb , and booking to 6 Mar 04. It is presented by The Royal Court and Massive Company. It is directed by Sam Scott, designed by Tracey Collins. Cast includes: Wesley Dowdell, Joe Folau, Kiri Lightfoot, Max Palamo, Liston Rua, Foma'I Taito, Jason Webb.. Charlie Paora is dead and buried. One night in a garage in Mangere, South Aukland, a group of young men gather to acknowledge the passing of their mentor, father figure and rugby coach Charlie Paora. The tension heightens when the real son and daughter of Charlie Paora turn up.

In the theatre Upstairs....

The International Playwrights Season 2004 includes a double bill from Brazil and a play from Russia.

Almost Nothing / At the Table two new plays by Marcos Barbosa, translated by Mark Thomas, opens 9 Feb 04 , following previews from 5 Feb , and booking to 28 Feb 04. It is directed by Roxana Silbert.

Ladybird by Vassily Sigarev, translated by Sasha Dugdale, opens 8 Mar 04 , following previews from 5 Mar , and booking to 27 Mar 04. It is directed by Ramin Gray. Dima is 19. Tomorrow he'll join the Russian Army and go fight in Chechnya. Tonight he's trying to have a party in the flat he shares with his drunken dad. Lera is 20 and lives in the same block. She reckons she's won a fortune if she can just scrape together 1000 roubles to buy something from Euroshop in Moscow. Outside the snow starts to fall over the abandoned cemetery..

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