Royal Court Theatre - announces new season for 2012

The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square, has announced its line up for Jan - Aug 2012 , plays include:

In the Theatre Downstairs...

16 Feb - 24 Mar 2012
In Basildon, written by David Eldridge, directed by Dominic Cooke, produced by Royal Court Theatre, designed by Ian MacNeil, costume designer Nicky Gillibrand, lighting designer Guy Hoare, Sound Designer Paul Arditti. Cast includes Linda Bassett, Debbie Chazen, Christian Dixon, Lee Ross, Ruth Sheen and Jade Williams. Len’s on his death bed and the family gather to say their final farewells. His sisters still aren’t speaking after nearly 20 years, his nephew’s trying for a baby - and a bigger house, while his best mate Ken remembers 'Bas-vegas' when it was a village. As the spread is laid out and the ham sandwiches sit next to the wreaths, it’s hard to see who’s hungry and who’s just greedy. An epic family drama exploring inheritance and the myth of place.

27 Apr - 02 Jun 2012
Love Love Love, written by Mike Bartlett, directed by James Grieve, produced by Royal Court Theatre with Paines Plough in association with Drum Theatre Plymouth.'Young people, our age. We’re the moment. Henry’s just that bit too old he can’t understand.’ 1967. Kenneth and Sandra meet, and it's a whole new world. A fiery relationship is sparked in the haze of the 60s, and charred by today's brutal realities. From passion to paranoia, Love, Love, Love takes on the baby boomer generation as it retires, and finds it full of trouble.

22 Jun - 04 Aug 2012
Birthday, written by Joe Penhall, directed by Roger Michell, produced by Royal Court Theatre, designed by Mark Thompson, sound by John Leonard, lighting by Hugh Vanstone and starring Stephen Mangan. ‘- Men can take the pain - No you can't, that's just the myth they sell you.' Lisa and Ed are having another baby. Determined to do things differently this time, it's proving a bumpy ride. This is a whole new birth plan.

In the Theatre Upstairs...

13 Jan - 11 Feb 2012
Constellations, written by Nick Payne, directed by Michael Longhurst, produced by Royal Court Theatre, designed by Tom Scutt, lighting by Lee Curran and starring Rafe Spall. ‘Let’s go for a drink. I don’t know what I’m doing here anyway. One drink. And if you never want to see me again you never have to see me again.’ One relationship. Infinite possibilities. Quantum multiverse theory, love and honey. An explosive new play about free will and friendship.

23 Feb - 17 Mar 2012
Goodbye To All That, written by Luke Norris, directed by Simon Godwin, produced by Royal Court Theatre, designed by Tom Piper, sound by Matt Drury, lighting by Alex Caplen. ‘I want you to remember something, David: if you remember only one thing I’ve ever told you, remember this every day – morning, noon and night - you do what you want with your life. Exactly what you want. Break heads if you need to and hearts if you have to, but whatever you do don’t do what I did. Don’t waste yourself.’ Frank has been married for forty years. Three years ago he fell in love.

22 Mar - 14 Apr 2012
Vera Vera Vera, written by Jo McInnes, directed by Simon Godwin, produced by Royal Court Theatre, designed by Tom Piper, sound by David McSeveney, lighting by Stephen Andrews.‘Bobby’s dead and you’re still breathing. That’s a fucking walking talking tragedy that is.’ The boy who comes back from a war far away in a wooden box is glorified and called a hero. As the funeral plans are made on an estate in a small Kent town, his siblings squabble over who he was. Maybe the fanfare isn’t needed for this heroic martyr.

26 Apr - 26 May 2012
Belong, written by Bola Agbaje, directed by Indhu Rubasingham, produced by Royal Court Theatre with Tiata Fahodzi. 'Supporters keh. Forget this country. How many year have you lived here?… Your English is better than the Queen’s and they still call you…’ Election lost, speeches made and controversy stirred – Kayode’s hiding. He’s not even answering the door to the cleaner, and Rita is not going to start getting out the Hoover in her designer heels. Escaping the political heat in London, he flees to Nigeria – a British MP and a self-made man. Once there, he gets caught up in a whole new power game.

01 Jun - 30 Jun 2012
The Witness, written by Vivienne Franzmann, directed by Simon Godwin, produced by Royal Court Theatre, designed by Lizzie Clachan, sound by Carolyn Downing, lighting by Oliver Fenwick. ‘Sometimes when I think of going back. I feel like I could run there. It’s like I'm being called back. I know it sounds ridiculous. And sometimes I don't give a shit about any of it and I just want to stack shelves for the rest of my life.’ Captured in an award-winning shot Alex was rescued from Rwanda and adopted by the man behind the lens. Back from uni and returning to where she was raised the distance between father and daughter stretches taut. In the dark room of a Hampstead home a long hidden secret is slowly exposed in a flash of revelation.

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