Royal Court Theatre announces Season Jan - April 2013

Dominic Cooke announces his final season (Jan to April 2013) as Artistic Director of the Royal Court Theatre, after nearly seven years at the theatre’s helm.

In the Theatre Downstairs...

If You Don’t Let Us Dream, We Won’t Let You Sleep, by Anders Lustgarten, from 15 Feb to 9 March 2013. Directed by Simon Godwin. As the financial world issues its shock treatment, what happens when the City’s agenda is taken to its ultimate conclusion? New play explodes the ethos of austerity and offers an alternative.

The Low Road, by Bruce Norris, from 21 March to 27 April 2013. Directed by Dominic Cooke. A young entrepreneur sets out on a quest for wealth with priceless ambition and a purse of gold. A fable of free market economics and cut-throat capitalism.


In the Theatre Upstairs...

No Quarter, by Polly Stenham, from 11 Jan to 9 Feb 2013. Directed by Jeremy Herrin. New play asking what is the right way to live? Fleeing a world he has rejected, Robin finds solace in his music and the sanctuary of his remote family home. But as his kingdom begins to crumble around him, how far will he go to save it and at what cost?

A Time to Reap, by Anna Wakulik, translated by Catherine Grosvenor, from 22 Feb to 23 March 2013. Directed by Caroline Steinbeis. From a forested Polish village to the blinding lights of London, A Time to Reap looks at one woman’s story against the mountain landscape of an evolving nation and one of Poland’s hottest political topics – abortion and the Catholic Church.

A new Play by Anthony Neilson, directed by Anthony Neilson, from 5 April to 4 May 2013. Anthony Neilson’s play will be created in the rehearsal room with a cast of actors to be announced.
Why no title?
“Because I want to write from passion, not obligation.
Because I want to write for the actors I’ve cast, not cast for the parts I’ve written.
Because I want to be stupid enough to do the wrong thing when it’s right.
Because risk is everything.
Because everything is changing.
Because I'm doing something else right now.
Because I want to surprise myself.
Because I want to surprise you.
That’s why.”
Anthony Neilson

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