"School of Night" at the Comedy from 16 Feb 2006

"School of Night" at the Comedy from 16 Feb 2006

The School of Night By Peter Whelan, starring Christopher Eccleston , will open at the Comedy Theatre 27 Feb 2006, following previews from 16 Feb - booking to 3 June 2006

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The School of Night investigates the mystery surrounding Christopher Marlowe's sudden untimely death and his association with the leading political and literary figures of the 16th-century including Thomas Kyd, Sir Walter Ralegh and William Shakespeare. In an historical thriller set against the backdrop of political and religious espionage, the charismatic, witty and fiery Marlowe demonstrates a poetic genius arguably equal to Shakespeare's, making the conspiracy theories surrounding Marlowe's apparently accidental death in a tavern brawl all the more credible, right up to the present day.

It is directed by Bill Alexander, designed by Simon Higlett with lighting by Hugh Vanstone.

Christopher Eccleston's London stage credits include "Miss Julie" at the Haymarket theatre in 2000. Most recently he has been seen on television as "Dr. Who".

Christopher Marlowe was born Canterbury in 1564, attended the King's School and was awarded a scholarship to Corpus Christi College, Cambridge where he gained an MA. Perhaps the first Cambridge spy, he was recruited by Sir Francis Walsingham as a part-time secret service agent prior to beginning a glowing literary career. In 1593, following his arrest on a charge of treason, Marlowe's unexpected death was reported. His plays include The Jew of Malta, Doctor Faustus, Edward II and Tamburlaine the Great.

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