Sedos presents Serial Killers at Bridewell Theatre

Sedos presents the London premiere of James Griffin's comedy, Serial Killers, directed by Matt Bentley, at the Bridewell Theatre, near Fleet Street in city of London, from 30 June to 4 July 2015.

The cast includes Lisa Rost-Welling (Pauline and Nurse Sophie), Dickon Farmar (Alan and Ned), Hattie Stacey (Simone and Nurse Jane), Rick Woskaas (Matt and Dr Darius Walgrove), Natalie Harding-Moore (Elaine and Dr Louise Strong), Jen Jewell (Sally and Laura) and Nick Marrast-Lewis (Andrew and Dr Gilligan).

Synopsis: "Follows the complex lives of five writers of a TV medical soap opera called Heart of Hearts. Interspersed between the editorial room scenes are scenes from Heart of Hearts itself - with the writers (whose own interpersonal relationships, it becomes apparent, are not what they seem) taking the roles of their soap opera alter egos. As they play out the increasingly ludicrous stories, it is evident that the lines between art and life are blurred almost beyond recognition."

Writer James Griffin has previously written for 'Shortland Street', an acclaimed New Zealand television series which has been described as a quick-witted, capricious comedy of lies, jealousy, lust, betrayal and revenge.

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