Sense at The Hen & Chickens Theatre Bar

Sense, written by Anja Hilling, is at the Hen & Chickens Theatre Bar, Islington, London, from 26 Oct - 5 Nov 2011.

Directed by Melanie Spencer, design by Emma Tompkins, lighting by Katherine Graham, sound by Owen Lasch, costume by Natasha Mackmurdie, produced by Made By Brick.

PHOBE’s hair is party length. FRED is dying at the Bergdorf. TOMMI has killed his best friend. KARL is a ghost. JASMIN is texting her dead boyfriend. JULE wears shapeless batik shirts. ALBERT is reading Goethe. NATASCHA is swimming underwater. BEATE is not afraid of pigeons. And LAURENT is the son of two hairdressers from Fogo.
SENSE explores the finer intricacies of the teenage experience. In five quick-fire duologues, a group of teenagers from Berlin relive the most potent episodes of their adolescence in all their unforgiving splendour.

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