Shakespeare Globe from 23 April - 3 Oct announced!

The Shakespeare Globe theatre has announced its 2010 season entitled ' Kings and Rogues’, which runs from 23 April to 3 October 2010.

Making their premiere at the new Globe will be William Shakespeare’s Henry VIII and Henry IV parts 1 and 2. The season launches with Macbeth, and includes a revival of the Globe’s 2008 production of The Merry Wives of Windsor. Completing the 2010 programme is Anne Boleyn by Howard Brenton; Bedlam by Nell Leyshon.

Public booking opens 15 Feb 2010.

MACBETH, by William Shakespeare, opens 29 April 2010, following previews from 23 April - running to 27 June 2010. Macbeth, the man who murders king and comrade in his quest for the crown, only to lose it all.

HENRY VIII, by William Shakespeare, opens 24 May 2010, following previews from 15 May - running to 21 August 2010. Power struggle with Henry VIII, his queen Katherine, his mistress Anne, and the most ruthlessly ambitious Cardinal Wolsey.

HENRY IV PART 1, by William Shakespeare, opens 14 July 2010, following previews from 6 June - running to 2 Oct 2010. Directed by Dominic Dromgoole. Bolingbroke fights to keep his crown and restore order to an England driven by civil rebellion.

HENRY IV PART 2, by William Shakespeare, opens 14 July 2010, following previews from 3 July - running to 3 Oct 2010. Directed by Dominic Dromgoole. The Prince's riotous life is interrupted, as a second insurrection is deftly if ignobly crushed.

ANNE BOLEYN, by Howard Brenton, opens 28 July 2010, following previews from 24 July - running to 21 Aug 2010. Directed by John Dove. Dramatises the life and legacy of Henry VIII’s notorious second wife – exploring both her passion for the King and her love of the most dangerous ideas of her day.

MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR, by William Shakespeare, opens 19 Aug 2010, following previews from 14 Aug - running to 2 Oct 2010. Directed by Christopher Luscombe. The fat knight Sir John Falstaff imagines that Mistress Ford and Mistress Page are both taken with him and so, attracted as much by their husbands’ money as their personal charms, he decides to woo them both. But the women are up to the old lecher’s tricks and turn the tables on him with a series of humiliating assignations, midnight terrors and a very damp, extremely smelly laundry basket.

BEDLAM, by Nell Leyshon, opens 9 Sep 2010, following previews from 5 Sep - running to 1 Oct 2010. A fictional portrayal of a London hospital for the insane, based on direct research from Bethlem Royal Hospital.

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