Shakespeare's Globe announces cast of Comus - A Masque in Honour of Chastity

Comus - A Masque in Honour of Chastity

Shakespeare's Globe has announced complete casting for Comus - A Masque In Honour of Chastity - the inaugural production of the 2016-17 "Wonder Noir" season (which marks Emma Rice's debut as Artistic Director) at The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. Other productions in the season include The Little Matchgirl (and Other Happier Tales)All The Angels - Handel and the First Messiah,The White Devil and Othello.

The cast of Comus includes Danny Lee Wynter (Comus, God of Revelry), Emma Curtis (The Lady), Rob Callender (The Elder Brother), Theo Cowan (The Younger Brother), Andrew Bridgmont (The Earl of Bridgewater), Paul Bullion, Suzie Chard, Phil Snowden and Natasha Magigi (The Monstrous Routs).

The ensemble will also feature Andrew Bridgmont, Paul Bullion, Rob Callendar, Suzie Chard, Theo Cowan, Philip Cumbus, Emma Curtis, Danny Lee Wynter, Natasha Magigi and Phil Snowden.

Comus - A Masque In Honour of Chastity, written by John Milton, opens the season from 26 October to 19 November 2016, with an official opening scheduled for 1 November. The play is directed by Lucy Bailey in collaboration with Patrick Barlow and features scenic design by William Dudley.

"An unnamed heroine lost in the woods encounters Comus, God of Revelry. Trapped in his magical palace, she is forced to choose between pleasure and virtue." The play was first presented in 1634.

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