Shang-a-Lang by Catherine Johnson at King's Head

Signal Theatre Company presents Shang-a-Lang by Catherine Johnson, at the King's Head Theatre, a 125-seat pub fringe venue, in Camden, north London, 22 Jan to 15 Feb 2014.

Directed by Robert Wolstenholme, design by Christopher Hone, lighting by Seth Rook Williams. Cast includes Kellie Batchelor, Thomas Craig, Samantha Edmonds, Lisa Kay, Ben McGregor, Tom Woodward .

Catherine Johnson's previous work includes writing both the stage and screen versions of the highly successful Mamma Mia! Released in 2008, Mamma Mia! The Movie is the highest grossing UK film of all time.

Shang-a-Lang recalls a time when androgynous style, Ziggy Stardust and oxford bags were all the rage. Including the popular hits of The Bay City Rollers such as Bye Bye Baby and Give a Little Love, Shang-a-Lang follows a trio of forty-something women as they try to recapture their youth at a seventies weekend at Butlins. Political correctness, manners, decorum and possibly clothes go out the window as the increasingly disillusioned women try to cling to the dreams of bygone years to try to deny disappointment.

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