Sheltered, a new black comedy at the Tabard Theatre

Against The Grain Theatre Company present Sheltered, a new black comedy at the Tabard Theatre in west London from 18 November to 6 December 2014, with an official opening on 20 November .

Written by Greg A. Smith and featuring direction by Stuart Watson, the new play is described as "a dark satire about the homeless and the heartless, packed with action, thrills and laughs for the festive season".

"London: Christmas Day. Middle class couple Harry and Tamsin invite young homeless man Rory into their home to share Christmas with them and their daughter, Jenna. It soon becomes obvious that Rory is no typical rough sleeper, however. And when Harry’s arch-nemesis Donald and his wife Marissa arrive accompanied by their own homeless guest, what initially appeared to be an act of faintly patronising charity reveals itself as something much less festive..."

Against the Grain Theatre Company aim to produce new work examining the most controversial issues of the day in a darkly humorous light. Their first production was the European premiere of Steven Fechter’s 'The Woodsman' at the Old Red Lion which was also directed by Stuart Watson.

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