Slay It With Music to Greenwich Playhouse 9 Aug

A Stage Kindly production of Slay It With Music, transfers to the Greenwich Playhouse, in south London , from 9 Aug to 4 Sep 2011, following its run at The Space, in Isle of Dogs, east London, which ends on 7 Aug 2011.

Book & Lyrics by Michael Colby, music by Paul Katz. Directed by Joseph Walsh, musical director - James Cleeve.

Cast includes Andrea Miller, Ellen Verenieks, Helen Kelly, Candice Palladino, Charlotte Stevenson, Gemma Rook, Sofokolis Kostoulas, Andrew Hayler, Mark Lawson, Hayley Sheldon, Sarah Nightingale, Nick Whitfield.

Comichomage to the golden stars of Hollywood - follows an ageing film-star’s comeback in a gory horror film! Movie star Enid Beaucoup was forced into retirement by a gory scandal that rocked her career, and is maintained by her sister’s moderate success acting in soap operas. But after her sister is fired, Enid has no choice but to face the music and head back to the silver screen. Supported by her adoring butler (though not by her nosy neighbours’ creepy kid), Enid finds out that the yellow brick road back to stardom is not without its pitfalls, but certainly is a barrel of laughs.

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