Sleeping Beauty - An Adult Pantomime

Twisted Dame Productions presents Sleeping Beauty - An Adult Pantomime by Rees Nicholls and Daniel Calder at the Hen and Chickens Theatre, a fringe venue in north London, from 10 to 21 Dec 2013.

Directed by James Bennison and designed by Zanna Mercer. Cast includes Amie Kingsnorth (Princess Beauty), Ian Agar (Good King Cesarean), Christian Hall (Dirk Bastard), Alison Ward (Trevor), Rees Nicholls (Dame Beverly Hugebuns).

When Princess Beauty makes a faux pas at her 21st birthday party, her father, Good King Cesarean decides to marry her off in the latest reality TV show 'I'm A Knight, Get Me In Here'. Will ambitious royal advisor Dirk Bastard get his hands on the throne? Will serving boy Trevor end up with the woman of his dreams? Will Dame Beverly Hugebuns ever work off her incredible hangover?

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