Sleeping With Straight Men at Above The Stag.

Sleeping With Straight Men, written by Ronnie Larsen is at the Above The Stag Theatre, Victoria, from 11 Jan 2012 - 12 Feb 2012.

Directed by Paul Taylor-Mills, design and costumes by David Shields, lighting by Richard Lambert and produced by Peter Bull for ATS (Above the Stag Theatre).

Cast includes Amy Anzel (Jill), Andrew Beckett (Brian), Wesley Dow (Stanley), Adam Isdale (Lee), Martin Milnes (Sally), Jill Regan (Karen), Julie Ross (Mom) and Hannah Vesty (Judy).

Stanley always falls for unavailable men. His best friend Sally the local drag queen tries to warn him but he simply won't be told. He also wants to be famous. So, when the chance comes up to reveal his secret crush on Jill Jones prime time TV chat show, the boy from small town America leaps at the opportunity. The fiercely heterosexual Lee wants to be famous too but has no idea that Stanley is his secret admirer.. And no-one, Stanley, Jill or Lee himself, could have been prepared for Lee's reaction.
Inspired by the Jenny Jones talk show in 1995 in the USA when they invited guests to reveal their secret crushes, in person, to the unsuspecting objects of their affections.

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