Something About You at The Asylum Chapel

Something About You (Which Makes Me Want to Hurt You) is at The Asylum Chapel, Peckham, from 06 Oct - 20 Oct 2011.

Written by Debbie Kent and the Company

Directed by Georgina Sowerby and Jon Lee, choreographed by Anne-Gaelle Thiriot, produced by Dirty Market Theatre.

Cast includes Francesca Dale, Tom Harris, Oscar Gibbs, Benedict Hopper, Mayuko Kawai, Stephane Middleston, Arti Naithani, Georgina Sowerby, Anne-Gaelle Thiriot

Egg is lost. Caught in a loop, she can’t leave her flat – even when mummy comes calling. But when a strange man from her past decides to visit, everything changes. Memories of another life come flooding in – one in which she called the shots – and Egg decides it’s time to act.

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