Sons of Paradise at the Bridewell Theatre

Tower Theatre Amateur Dramatic Company presents Sons of Paradise, a new play by Alice Collins at the Bridewell Theatre, central London from 18 to 22 November 2014.

"Charles is the last surviving soldier of World War 1. The government wishes to honour him but he does not feel honourable. Through the grudging help of his care-worker Ian and his own memories, we discover the pain and guilt he's been living with all his life as he tries to make amends in his last few cognisant years and lighten his heavy heart."

Sons of Paradise was the winner of the Tower Theatre's new play competition, which honoured the centenary of the First World War. Chosen from over 45 entries, it has been described as a fitting tribute to all of those who fought in the Great War in any capacity.

The Tower Theatre Company are the only full-time, non-professional company in central London and stages up to 18 productions a year. They were founded in 1932 and have over 700 members who "get involved for the sheer love of it".

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