Southwark Playhouse 'Little Space' Summer 2015 Season

Southwark Playhouse, a fringe venue near Elephant and Castle in south London, has announced the 2015 summer season for its 'Little Space'. Productions include:

The 50th anniversary production of Little Malcolm and His Struggle Against the Eunuchs, presented by Soggy Arts in association with Folie à Deux Productions, from 8 July to 1 August 2015. The comedy is written by David Halliwell and directed by Clive Judd. Synopsis: "A squat. The North. A young man rejected by an institution, let down by the system, starts a revolution. In his flat. In Huddersfield, the centre of everything. Malcolm Skrawdyke is a man screaming at the walls. Uniting his friends he aims to take vengeance on a world that has spat him out. The aim? Absolute power for powers sake."

This is followed by The Playboy of the Western World, presented by Folie à Deux Productions, written by JM Synge and directed by Polina Kalinina, from 12 to 29 August 2015. Synopsis: "In a local village pub, deep in rural Ireland, a charming stranger swaggers in with a bold claim: that he has killed his own father. As drunken men gather round to hear tales of his bravado and young ladies vie for his attention, the traveller becomes a hero. But not all is as it seems..."

The season concludes with The Late Henry Moss, presented by W14 Productions, written by Sam Shepard, directed by Mel Hillyard and featuring set design by Cecilia Carey, from 2 to 26 September 2015. Synopsis: "Two brothers, Earl and Ray, return to their home town in Bernalillo New Mexico upon the mysterious death of their estranged father, Henry. Over a bottle of bourbon and a box of old photographs, they try to reconcile their very different childhood memories. Earl's version of Henry's death doesn't add up; so Ray determines to find the truth. As Ray plays detective we encounter Henry's bizarre collection of friends as the story of his last days is uncovered. Family tensions are blown apart as Ray discovers more than he’d bargained for..."

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