Spank House at the Jack Studio Theatre

Jake Costello and the Jack Studio Theatre will present Spank House at the Jack Studio Theatre in Brockley, south-east London from 9 to 13 September, with an official opening on 11 September 2014.

Written by and starring Jake Costello, with direction by the Jack Studio's Artistic Director Kate Bannister, this true story is a solo show set in Barcelona in 2008. Jake is 25 years old and pretending to be a qualified broker and financial advisor. He is living the high life and enjoying taking money off rich investors who seem happy to trust him. He is also a criminal.

The piece is written using actual con-scripts that were used to dupe investors and weaves in a darkly comedic narrative backdrop. The colourful cast of characters involves psychotic ex-pats, Jewish playboys and old people, along with casual drug use and social media.

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