Step 9 (of 12) by Rob Hayes at the New Britannia Theatre

Step 9 (of 12), by Rob Hayes, at the New Britannia Theatre, a pub fringe venue, in east London, from 4 to 23 Jul 2011, as part of CREATE 11 and Hackney fringe Festival.

Directed by Gabriel Vick, cast includes Mark Weinman, Alan Vicary, Chris JJ Heaney, Lesley Curtis .

Keith just wants to say he’s sorry. A lifetime of drug and alcohol abuse has given him a lot to apologise for - particularly to the two people who raised from a child. But as the memories of violence, betrayal and lies are raked to the surface, it becomes clear that past actions can have shocking repercussions in the present. Forgiving is easy, forgetting is a different story.

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