Still Life / Red Peppers - Noel Coward double bill

Folie a deux Productions presents Still Life / Red Peppers, a double bill by Noel Coward, directed by Anthony Lau, at the Old Red Lion, a 60-seat fringe pub venue in Angel, north London, from 30 July to 24 Aug 2013.

Still Life - the play that became Brief Encounter - is set in ‘Milford Junction’ railway station, housewife Laura Jesson meets the handsome Dr Alec Harvey when he helps remove a piece of grit that has lodged in her eye. What starts as an innocent relationship soon develops into something deeper and more passionate.

Red Peppers is a vaudeville satire about George and Lily Pepper, a pair of acid-tongued music hall artists who are on their way back down the ladder of success.

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