Strindberg's Apartment - The faction at New Diorama

The faction theatre co presents Strindberg’s Apartment, adaptation by Simon Reade after August Strindberg, at New Diorama Theatre, near Warren Street, central London, from 8 to 26 Feb 2011.

Directed by Mark Leipacher, lighting by Matthew Graham. Cast includes Richard Delaney; Alexander Guiney; Paul Jellis; Knight Mantell; Lachlan McCall; Andrew McDonald; Derval Mellett; Lucy Moses; Kirsty Neilson; Jonathan Plummer; Kate Sawyer; Josh Taylor; Janine Ingrid Ulfane; Kathryn Worth; Joe Wredden.

This production weaves together August Strindberg’s five mini-plays The Storm, After the Fire, The Ghost Sonata, The Pelican and The Black Glove.

One moment we follow the kidnap of a young girl, then a chance encounter between two estranged brothers; we inspect the remains of the fire that has devastated the workers downstairs, then hear the confession of a woman who burns with passion for her son-in-law; yet we must all attend the chilling silence of the infamous Ghost Supper.

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