Taken in Marriage at the Waterloo East Theatre

RoLn' Productions will present Taken in Marriage by Thomas Babe at the Waterloo East Theatre in south London from 14 to 18 July 2015, with an official opening on 15 July 2015.

"The young and beautiful Annie sits waiting in a basement on the eve of her wedding. Surrounded by female family members, with no chance of escape, it's not long before feelings, frustrations and closely guarded secrets begin to emerge."

The production, directed by Lucy Atkinson, will star Alex Criotph, Liane Grant, Jeryl Burgess, Joan Plunkett and Roxanne Lamendola.

The play first premiered at The Newman Theatre in New York in 1979 in a production that starred Meryl Streep. Thomas Babe's other works include 'A Prayer For My Daughter', 'Salt Lake City Skyline' and 'Great Day In The Morning'.

Tickets for the production are now on sale.

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