The Birds at Leicester Sq Theatre Lounge from 24 Sep

Adam Morley Theatre Company present The Birds, by Conor McPherson, from the story by Daphne Du Maurier, at the Leicester Square Theatre Lounge from 24 September to 17 October 2015.

The production is directed by Adam Morley and cast includes Glenn McCrory (Nat), Emma Taylor (Diane) and Alice Marshall (Julia).

Synopsis: "Post apocalyptic chiller set in a world where society has collapsed and the birds, for reasons unknown, attack humans at every given opportunity. Three strangers with dark pasts and many secrets, find themselves thrown together trying to survive this harsh new world.. Hiding in a boarded up house where danger comes from the skies above and also from within."

Glenn McCrory is an undefeated British & Commonwealth Cruiserweight Champion, former IBF Cruiserweight champion of the World and BSKYB commentator. His television acting credits include 'Crocodile Shoes', 'Our Friends in the North' and 'Casualty'. McCrory will be making his theatrical debut in this production of The Birds.

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