The Blind and The Intruder transfers to Tabard

Tarquin Productions transfers The Blind / The Intruder , a double bill by Maurice Maeterlinck, to The Tabard Theatre, an 80-seat fringe venue, in Chiswick, west London, 22 May to 1 June 2013, following a run at the Old Red Lion last month.

THE BLIND places us amongst a group of blind people in a wasteland, abandoned by their guide, searching for any clues to their whereabouts. Lost, lonely and scared, they are prepared to put their faith in anyone - or anything - that may help them, even if they cannot see the consequences of their actions.

THE INTRUDER follows a household in crisis. As the Mother lies ill after childbirth and the family sit waiting for any news, the blind Grandfather hears a presence amongst them that none of the family can see. As the presence becomes more noticeable, are there greater forces at work than merely an old man's imagination?

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