The Blue Elephant Theatre Spring Season Announced

The Blue Elephant Theatre, a fringe venue in south LOndon, has announced its Spring Season 2012.

Productions include...

28 Feb to 17 March 2012
The Fantasist by Theatre Temoin and Cie. Traversiere. A re-working of Barbe Bleue. Directed by Ailin Conant, designed by Moss and Giorgio Ritucci, costiumes by Kirsten Fletcher, lighting by Allan Ramsay. Puppet Director: Robin Guiver. A blend of physical theatre, puppetry and original music tells the story of a woman's battle with the swirl of extreme moods. Struggling with the tricks her mind plays on her, Louise yearns for sleep. Instead, she must take a strange journey with a surprise visitor in this exploration of bipolar disorder.

20 March to 14 April 2012
Woman of Troy by Lazarus Theatre Company, after Euripides. Directed and designed by Ricky Dukes, costumes by Emily Stuart. Amidst the slaughter and ruins of Troy, the women wait to be handed out to the victors. Hecuba, Queen of Troy, must confront both a bleak future and Helen, the woman who brought this humiliation to them all.

17 April to 5 May 2012
Sonata Movements, by ConcertTheatre. Directed by DaDiow Lin and Jude Christian, designed by Gary Thorne, costumes by Nadia Malik. Sonata Movements is a collective of short pieces, like the repertoire of a concert, exploring the potential form of ‘ConcertTheatre’. ‘ConcertTheatre’ combines classical music and theatre.

22 May to 16 June 2012
Machines For Living, by Let Slip, designed by Christina Hardinge. A husband and wife, both architects, believe that the ideal home size is nine square metres and design a tower block accordingly. But as the estate they build falls into disrepair and becomes a notorious no-go zone, riot is in the air and the blame falls on them. (Machines For Living is a provocative production about housing, communities and segregation, inspired by the architects of the sixties and seventies who believed tower blocks would create urban utopias. It asks urgent questions about social housing, segregation and the urban landscape. Is the problem the buildings? Or the people in them? )

19 June to 7 Jul 2012
The Fantastical Adventures of [Not] Being with You, by Justen Bennett, directed by Justen Bennett. Join A and B as they embark on 'us', a love story told through games and make-believe. With just two suitcases of props and playful ingenuity, the two men share their cherished, childish and even churlish moments of romance.

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