The Boy On The Bridge at Rose Theatre

The Boy On The Bridge is coming to the Rose Theatre, Southwark, from 11 Oct - 29 Oct 2011.

The Boy On The Bridge, written by Gareth Pilkington, directed by Dimitri Devdariani.

“Am I some sort of bloody challenge?” An irresistible force meets an immovable object. A life without cares, commitments and responsibilities – wonderful! By carefully husbanding a small inheritance, young Jonjo lives ‘rough’ in style. Traveling with hanger-on, Malc, he intends to visit every important bridge in the world and is currently using a disused railway bridge for a home. He enjoys the company of others – provided they do not encroach on his freedom. As he happily tells the world – he’s got life sorted. But the bridge is not as isolated as he believes and new arrivals force him to reassess everything he holds dear. This sets off a chain of events from which none of them emerges unscathed.

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