The Cat's Mother by Pericles Snowdon at Courtyard Studio

FoxedUP Theatre presents The Cat's Mother, by Pericles Snowdon, at the Courtyard Theatre Studio, near Old Street in north London, from 14 Nov to 8 Dec 2012.

Directed by Natalie Scott and Joseph Thorpe.

Six women awake – groggy and disorientated – in an outlandish box. They have been done up as 1980s cartoon characters. Around them are strange and arresting items of yore. They are unknown to each other, or so it seems. And for the time being there doesn't appear to be any way out. On the evening of her 30th birthday, Tabitha Porlock becomes locked in at her place of work. Locked inside the building of which she is custodian, the truth of her past begins to unravel.

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