The Closed Loop by Yichao Yu at Camden People's

Liunian Drama Group presents The Closed Loop, by Yichao Yu, directed by Hao Wu, at the Camden People's Theatre, a 60 seat fringe venue near Warren Street central London, 12 to 16 Feb 2014.

The play speculates about plant-like humans in the future and ponders over the meaning of freedom.

Faced with enormous challenges such as hunger and poverty, social inequality, and environmental degradation, while equipped with fast-advancing biotechnologies, would we ever change our own biology to adapt? In The Closed Loop, we experimented with the idea that future developments in science and technology would make it possible for humans to photosynthesise like plants, and we inadvertently found ourselves in a unique position to marry science with art and connect the West with the East. The result is an intriguing world wherein Darwin meets Laozi, human’s place in Nature becomes uncertain again, and the meaning of freedom is redefined. Besides 'theatrical magic', this production will also bring you the opportunity to meet real-life scientists and researchers. Their knowledge and insights will help you discover the equally wondrous theories and investigations that have inspired this work of fiction.

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