The Crock at the Pentameters Theatre in Hampstead

Léonie Scott-Matthews, in association with Streetwise Film Productions Ltd. will produce The Crock at the Pentameters Theatre in Hampstead, north London from 28 October to 16 November 2014, with an official opening on 30 October 2014.

The Crock is conceived as a sequel to Terence Rattigan’s famous play 'The Browning Version', and imagines what might happen to the characters in many years after the events Rattigan described.

Teacher Andrew Crocker-Harris, who has been forced to resign his position after many years due to ill health. ‘The Crock’ (as he has been nick-named by his pupils) has not been a very successful or popular teacher. The main focus of his teaching - and his deep love - is Greek tragedy. Now set in the early 60s and we return to the life of Crocker-Harris who is now an old frail man - left merely with fast-vanishing memories of the past.

The play is written by Steve Gough and will be directed by John Dunne.

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