The Daily Fail: The musical! at Waterloo East Theatre

Untold Theatre Company presents The Daily Fail: The Musical! a satirical look at the Leveson Inquiry hacking scandal and the nature of modern media and fame, at the 110-150 seat fringe venue, Waterloo East Theatre, 15 to 20 Oct 2013.

It is written by Fiona O'Malley with music by Joseph Alexander. Directed by Adam Wollerton and choreographed by Rachel Kelly.

Two girls, London and Dim, are desperate to be famous at any cost but the only problem is they don't have any talent. They find themselves in hell when they become famous at the granted wish of their Fairy Godmother (Rupert Murdoch) and cannot handle the pressure of fame nor the pressure of the press. Featuring songs such as 'Hugh Grant Is My Ideal Man', 'We Could Be Famous', 'Making A Sex Tape' and ‘Seven Deadly Press Sins’.

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