The Deep Space by Lila Whelan at Old Red Lion Theatre

Sprocket Theatre presents The Deep Space by Lila Whelan, at the Old Red Lion Theatre, a 60-seat fringe venue in Angel, north London, from 19 Feb to 9 Mar 2013.

Directed by Claude Girardi, cast includes Abbiegale Duncan, Sarah Fraser, Lila Whelan, Oliver Yellop.

The Deep Space, confronts our notion of compassion - who can we believe when the line between monster and victim is blurred? In a contemporary northern town two women, Sam and Caitlin, are locked in a room together following a devastating accident. Caitlin must help Sam face up to the truth of the tragedy by digging into the past and confront the monsters hiding in plain sight.

In The Deep Space no one is as they seem. Liam is the cheeky chappy with a silver tongue, a heart of gold and a dangerous sense of entitlement. Sam is the young mum with the good intentions who stubbornly refuses to ask for help. Kay is the well-meaning do-gooder with un-Christian-like intentions. Dad is the respectable retiree with a love of golf and a firm hold over his women. Mum is the dutiful housewife, homemaker and devastating coward. Caitlin is the straight talking outsider who smashes the rules to get what she wants.

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