The Donmar Warehouse announce American Imports Season

The Donmar Warehouse announce American Imports Season

The Donmar Warehouse Theatre have announced an American Imports Season of plays to take place from 6th Mar to 3rd Aug 02. (Public Booking opens on 7th Jan 02)

Jesus Hopped the 'A'Train
by Stephen Adly Guirgis
(6th to 30th Mar 02)
Cast: Elizabeth Canavan, Salvatore Inzerillo, Ron Cephas Jones, John Ortiz, David Zayas
The young and impressionable Angel Cruz is in jail pending his trial for murder. During his routine exercise he meets Lucius Jenkins, a fellow inmate, whose pride and religious zeal defies the bars that hold him prisoner. (**This is the original New York production complete with American creative team and cast. )

Frame 312
by Keith Reddin
(11th to 30th Mar 02)
Directed by Josie Rourke
In 1963 at LIFE magazine Lynette, a young secretary, is one of three people to view a piece of film footage that could alter history. When she leaves her promising career, Lynette is the only surviving witness. Entrusted with the film, she retreats uneasily into a suburban marriage and awaits the moment to make it public. Thirty years later, on her birthday, she begins to tell its secret to her grown-up children... (Keith Reddin’s new play is an examination of motherhood, family and America’s inconstant appetite for the truth. His previous plays include SYNERGY, BRUTALITY OF FACT and BLACK SNOW.)

Lobby Hero
by Kenneth Lonergan
(4th Apr to 4th May 02)
Directed by Mark Brokaw
Cast includes David Tennant
Jeff is a doorman or ‘security officer’ as he prefers to be known. He’s a laid back, wisecracking guy who always strives to do the right thing. When he gets embroiled in the family problems of his security captain and falls for Dawn, a rookie cop with an all-too-macho police partner, it looks like “doing the right thing” threatens to lose him everything.

by David Auburn
(9th May to 15th Jun 02)
Directed by John Madden
Catherine has sacrificed her youth and education to care for her father, a mathematical genius, during the worst of his mental degeneration. His legacy is a series of inspirational formulae that can only truly be unlocked by a mind as brilliant as his own. At the heart of the play is Catherine’s struggle to determine how much of her father’s genius or madness she will inherit and whom, if anyone, she can trust with the answer.

Take Me Out
by Richard Greenberg
(20th Jun to 3rd Aug 02)
By Richard Greenberg
Darren Leeming is a young iconic baseball star, living life large, male as can be, envied by everyone. He calls a press conference and, without telling anyone what he is about to do, he ‘comes out’ to the waiting media. TAKE ME OUT chronicles the fall-out as the ripples of his actions spread through the team, the media and across the nation.


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