The El Train 3 one-act plays by Eugene O'Neill

Found Productions presents The El Train, three one-act plays by Eugene O’Neill (The Web, Before Breakfast and The Dreamy Kid), at the Hoxton Hall, in east London, from 6 to 30 Dec 2013.

The first two acts "The Web" and "Before Breakfast" are directed by Sam Yates and stars Ruth Wilson. The last act "The Dreamy Kid" is directed by Ruth Wilson.

It is designed by Richard Kent, lighting by Neil Austin and sound by Alex Baranowski.

Set in impoverished New York at the turn of the 20th Century, the event begins with the three one-act plays linked by a live ragtime/jazz band performing musical vignettes to further evoke the distinctive feel of the period, while elevating O’Neill’s epic themes of sin and redemption, and heaven and hell. These plays will be followed by a night of hard liquor and live music at O’Neill’s very own New York watering hole, the Hell Hole Saloon.

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