The Event with David Calvitto at Cochrane from 20 April

The Event, written & directed by John Clancy, starring David Calvitto, at the Cochrane Theatre, in Holborn central London, from 20 to 25 April 2010.

Produced by Theatre Tours International - Guy Mastson & Absurdum International (USA).

Deceptively simple piece of theatre, which playfully, yet profoundly, leads us to question not only the nature of reality, but the very nature of existence itself.

A man standing in a pool of light wittily deconstructs the theatrical experience while offering parallel insights into modern life: What if everything we believe and experience is an illusion-a fantasy designed to make us forget all that's important and create a kind of collective amnesia? Are we all alone on our own private stages? Is there anything out there in the darkness? Are we who we say we are, or are we just pretending?

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