The Factory's Round 2 collection of short plays

The Factory theatre company Round 2 - A growing collection of short plays, at the Electricity Showrooms in Shoreditch north London, every Tuesday from 9 March to 27 April 2010, directed by Alex Hassell.

Straying ever further into the creation of new work The Factory continues to explore spontaneity, danger, and revelation by pitching its actors against each other every week to tackle pieces that reveal more about themselves with each showing.

As Round 2 is an open brief, and new plays are constantly being added to the collection, the content is never the same.

Long standing works are attacked from new angles alongside pieces being explored live for the first time. All the plays are multiply cast, allowing the actors to play different roles each time. Both actors and audience formulate relationships and meaning afresh at each showing. To this end, the actors have been Factory trained, but not rehearsed, so that they have to thrash out their virgin choices before a paying audience.

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