The Firewatchers at Old Red Lion Theatre.

The Firewatchers, written by Laura Stevens, is at the Old Red Lion Theatre, Islington, from 8 Nov - 03 Dec 2011.

Directed by Katie Lewis, produced by Old Red Lion Theatre and Raising Silver Theatre.

Cast includes Abigail Thaw, Michelle Tate.

East London, 1942. Germany continues to bomb a scorched and devastated city. High upon a factory rooftop, two women keep watch over their little corner of London together. They are Firewatchers. Wealthy Catharine and munitions worker Jean are the most unlikely pairing, but over the course of one dramatic evening, their hopes, fears and differences play out amid the tension of an air raid.
The Firewatchers tells the story of two very different – but equally lonely – women struggling to matter and keep their morale in a time when many thought Britain wouldn’t make it, but few dared say it.

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