The Fumidor at the Warehouse Theatre, Croydon

The Fumidor, written and directed by Peter Bramley, is at The Warehouse Theatre, Croydon, from 21 Oct - 20 Nov 2011.

Design by Emma Jesse, produced by Pants on Fire in association with Rose Bruford.

Cast includes Peter Bramley, Tom Dunlea, Sally Macdonald, Stephanie McGregor, Gillian Mackie, Lewis Matthews, Raymi Renee, Heather Winstanley.

The Fumidor is the terrifying legend of a murderer who convinces a small town to become radically sin-free. A monstrous machine called The Fumidor, believed to have the power to dull the senses and take away all human desire, is erected in the town square. But when a stranger appears with forbidden temptations, a terrible secret is painfully uncovered.

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