The Hang of the Gaol at Jack Studio Theatre from 27 Sep

Rolling Sky Productions present The Hang of the Gaol, by Howard Barker, directed by Doug Rollins, at the Jack Studio Theatre, a fringe venue in Brockley, in south London, from 27 Sep to 15 Oct 2011.

The cast includes Darren Benedict (Bloon), Julian Bird (Stagg), Matthew Eaton (Turk), Matthew Forsythe (Whip), Anita Gollschewsky (Angela), Anne-Marie Hughes ( Matheson), Adam Lewis (Cooper), Mark Lisseman (Udy), Toby Liszt (Ponting), Maggi-Anne Lowe (Jane Cooper), Sam Raffal (Dockerill), Alan Thorpe (George Jardine).

When a fire demolishes the Governor's pride, subsequent investigation turns up more shame than the authorities deem acceptable. A cover-up is required, and George Jardine, the most unconventional of civil servants, near retirement and hungry for a knighthood, is recruited for the task. It is a study in guilt and collusion. With its topicality undiminished, it takes the lid off one of the most enclosed institutions in this or any society - the prison.

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