The Jess Docker Show by Harry Saks at Pentameters

The Jess Docker Show, written & directed by Harry Saks, at the Pentameters Theatre, a fringe venue in Hampstead, north London, from 13 to 25 Nov 2012.

Starring Andrew Fitch, Chloe Fontaine, Christopher Kouros.

Contemporary play on maintaining artistic ideals in a dumb-down culture. If for ten years artistic success has eluded you and your relationship is fast imploding, what do you do? That is the dilemma facing low-budget filmmaker Tristan and his scriptwriter partner Holly. A potential solution presents itself: an appearance on the sleazy Jess Docker Show. Docker’s show is the complete antithesis of everything the couple stand for: nasty, vulgar, dumb-down trash. Tristan is dead against it, Holly is mad keen. Her mind made up, Holly sets out to persuade the creepy chat show host to offer her a guest spot. But at what cost? Sex? Artistic principles? What else? Even if she does gain air-time will keep-fit fanatic, but emotionally unstable, Tristan wreck the whole thing? When principles are sacrificed trouble is inevitable in this tug-o-war of competing cultural doctrines.

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