The Last of the Haussmans at Theatro Technis

The Tower Theatre Company presents Stephen Bereford's drama The Last of the Haussmans, directed by Roger Beaumont, from 01 Jul to 05 Jul 2014 at Theatro Technis, near Mornington Crescent in north-west London.

Synopsis: 'We are transported to a crumbling 1930's Art Deco house on the South Devon Coast of England in the near present. It examines the fate of the revolutionary generation and offers a portrait of a family full of longing that is losing its grip. Anarchic, feisty but growing old, high society drop-out Judy Haussman remains in spirit with the Ashrams of the 1960s while holding court in her dilapidated house. After an operation, Judy is joined by her wayward offspring, her sharp-eyed granddaughter, the local doctor and a troubled teenage neighbour. Having lived through life's rich tapestry with gusto, she has experimented in free love, drugs and social revolution, but her unconventional mothering has taken its toll on her adult children. Over a few sweltering months they alternately cling to and flee a chaotic world of all-day drinking, infatuations, long-held resentments, free love and failure.'

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