The London Cuckolds at the Theatro Technis

Logos Theatre Company presents The London Cuckolds by Edward Ravenscroft, at the Theatro Technis Theatre, near Camden, north London, from 22 April to 10 May 2014.

Directed by Kenneth Michaels, the play centres around three marriages: Dashwell is married to 'devout' Eugenia, Doodle to 'witty' Arabella, Wiseacres to 'simple' Peggy. Each thinks that he alone is safe from cuckolding — being 'cheated on' — but are they? Three young gallants set out to prove them wrong.

Edward Ravenscroft (c.1654-1707) wrote The London Cuckolds in 1681 and it remains the best known of his plays. Ravenscroft had a talent for writing comedy, and marriage was a popular topic to write about at the time.

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