The Lying Kind / The Priory - Lion and Unicorn Theatre

KDC Theatre presents two plays at the Lion & Unicorn Theatre, a fringe venue in Kentish Town, north London.

The Lying Kind, a comedy by Anthony Neilsen, from 27 Nov to 1 Dec 2012. Directed by Emma Knott & Daniel West. Cast includes Ronan Fitzgerald, James Laing, Tracey Pocock, Bernie Doogan, Dawn Williams, Richard Evans, Imogen Levy . It's Christmas Eve and well-meaning but inept coppers Blunt and Gobbel have one last job for the night; tell impossibly old couple Garson and Balthasar that their only daughter has died in a car crash. Understandably they’re not too keen on the idea and when they finally get the words out, the elderly pair gets completely the wrong end of the stick.

The Priory, by Michael Wynne, from 4 to 8 Dec 2012. Directed by Charles Golding. Cast includes Adam Moulder, Christopher Warren, Stephen Russell, Neil Duggan, Fran Rafferty, Layla Estasy, Sophie Head . New Year's Eve. A time to celebrate, but everyone seems so unhappy. The Priory reunites a group of friends from university in a country retreat. It all seems so appealing at first, but the evening takes surprising, funny and sometimes upsetting turns. The six pals dance, fight, laugh and cry together to kicks...start the New Year with a bang, but receive more than they bargained for by the end of the night.

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