The Master Builder with Star Trek's Patrick Stewart confirmed at Albery Theatre from 12 June 03

The Master Builder with Star Trek's Patrick Stewart confirmed at Albery Theatre from 12 June 03

It is now confirmed that Henrik Ibsen's The Master Builder, in a new translation by John Logan, starring Patrick Stewart & Sue Johnston, opens at the Albery Theatre on 18 June 03, following previews from 12 June 03 and booking to 17 Aug 03.

Booking is now open!!

The cast also includes Edward De Souza (Knut Brovik), Katherine Manners (Kaia Fosli) , Lisa Dillon (Hilda Wangel), Andrew Scarborough (Ragnar Brovik), Jonathan Hackett (Doctor Herdal)

Patrick Stewart (Halvard Solness) is best known for playing Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the tv series "Star Trek: The Next Generation". His other TV work includes performances as Rev. Anderson in "The Devil's Disciple", Sejanus in "I, Claudius", Karla in "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" and "Smiley's People", Oedipus in "Oedipus Rex", Salieri in "The Mozart Inquest", Jean in "Miss Julie", and Claudius in "Hamlet". On stage he has won the Society of West End Theatre (SWET) Award for his performance as Enobarbus in Peter Brook's production of "Antony and Cleopatra" and was nominated for his Shylock in "The Merchant of Venice". In 1987, he won the London Fringe Best Actor Award for his performance as George in Edward Albee's "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" His movie credits include several "Star Trek" movies, and "Hedda", "Dune", "Lady Jane", "Excalibur", "L.A. Story", "The X Men", "Jeffrey", "Masterminds", "Conspiracy Theory", and "Moby Dick".

Sue Johnston (Aline Solness), is best known as Sheila Grant in the tv soap "Brookside" and as Barbara Royle, in the comedy tv's "The Royle Family". Her theatre work includes "The Play What I Wrote" as the Guest; "The Mysteries" at the National Theatre; "Hindle Wakes" at the Manchester Royal Exchange. Her Films include "Boogaloo"; "New Year's Day"; "Face"; "Preaching to the Perverted" and "Brassed Off".

Produced by Duncan C Weldon & Paul Elliott for Triumph Entertainment Partners Ltd, it is directed by Anthony Page, designed by Hildegard Bechtler, lighting by Howard Harrison, costumes by Deirdre Clancy.

Written in 1892 the play concerns Halvard Solness a brilliantly successful architect who has created a reputation and career for himself at the expense of his wife and family. Now growing old, he lives in fear that a new generation of architects will take over and cast him aside. However, it's to the youth and beauty of a young woman that he falls victim. When Hilde Wangel arrives to collect on a decade old debt, she inspires him to build castles in the air with tragic consequences.

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