The National Theatre confirms two new shows

The National Theatre confirms two new shows

National Theatre has confirmed two new productions.....

Public booking opens 1 June 2004

Stuff Happens, by David Hare.
Opens at the Olivier Theatre 10 Sep 2004, following previews from 1 Sep and closing 6 Nov 2004.

It is directed by Nicholas Hytner, designed by Christopher Oram, lighting by Paul Anderson, and sound by Paul Groothuis.

"Stuff happens… and it’s untidy, and freedom’s untidy, and free people are free to make mistakes and commit crimes and do bad things."

The American Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld’s famous response to the looting of Baghdad, at a press conference on 11 April 2003, provides the title for a new play, specially written for the Olivier Theatre. Stuff Happens sets out to dramatise the extraordinary process which led up to the formation of a coalition, headed by the US and Great Britain, to invade Iraq.


The Night Season, by Rebecca Lenkiewicz.
Opens at the Cottesloe Theatre 3 Aug 2004, following previews from 23 July and booking to 18 Sep 2004.

It is directed by Lucy Bailey, designed by Dick Bird, lighting by Neil Austin. Cast includes: Lloyd Hutchinson , Justine Mitchell.

Late at night, shoeless, in the rain, an actor playing Yeats in a film shows up at his Sligo digs. Three feisty sisters lie dreaming upstairs, but in the morning, down they come, burning to meet the new lodger. While their father’s intent on an early glass of whiskey and a date with the local barmaid, the youngest daughter shows the actor to his bedroom...

A funny, modern, intoxicated tale of love, loss and families.


Other National Theatre productions have had new repertoire dates announced.....

The History Boys by Alan Bennett, opens at the Lyttelton Theatre 18 May 2004, following previews from 8 May, now in repertoire to 2 Sep 2004. Directed by Nicholas Hytner, cast includes Frances De La Tour (Mrs Lintott); Samuel Barnett (Posner ); Richard Griffiths (Hector), Dominic Cooper (Dakin), James Curden (Timms), Samuel Anderson (Crowther ), Tom Attwood (Boy ) Stephen Campbell Moore (Irwin) Sacha Dhawan (Akthar ) Rudi Dharmalingam (Boy ) Andrew Knott (Lockwood ) Clive Merrison (The Headmaster ) Jamie Parker (Scripps ) Russell Tovey (Rudge)
A new comic drama about adolescent schoolboys. A group of bright, funny sixth-form boys in pursuit of sex, sport and a place at university. A maverick English teacher at odds with the young and shrewd supply teacher. A headmaster obsessed with results, and a history teacher who thinks he's a fool.


The False Servant by Pierre Marivaux, in a new version by Martin Crimp, opens at the Cottesloe Theatre 1 June 2004, following previews from 26 May, now in repertoire to 15 Sep 2004. Directed by Jonathan Kent, cast includes David Collings (Arlequin) , Adrian Scarborough (Trivelin ) , Charlotte Rampling (The Countess), Anthony Calf (Lelio ), Nancy Carroll (The Chevalier), William Rycroft (Servant ), David Shaw-Parker (Frontin), Tam Ward (Servant )
Lust and avarice trample on the finer feelings of love in this subversive take on sexual manners and the cruelties of courtship. The man thinks that marriage is simply a matter of money and property. But just how far should the woman go to prove him wrong?


New Platforms announced.....

Rebecca Lenkiewicz & Lucy Bailey
10 Sep 2004
Rebecca Lenkiewicz & Lucy Bailey talk about The Night Season

Alan Strachan on Michael Redgrave
14 Sep 2004
Theatre director Alan Strachan talks about Secret Dreams, his acclaimed biography of Michael Redgrave.

Michael Blakemore
17 Sep 2004
Talks about his memoir, Arguments with England.

John Coldstream on Dirk Bogarde
1 Oct 2004

National Headlines
12, 14, 18, 19, 21 Oct 2004 (Olivier)
Series of new monologues taken directly from interviews with people about current stories hitting the headlines. Each short piece is accompanied by a discussion about the important issues raised.

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