The National Theatre has announced their schedule for Jan - April 2005

The National Theatre has announced their schedule for Jan - April 2005

The National Theatre has announced their schedule for Jan - April 2005 at the Lyttelton & Cottesloe theatres.

Public Booking opens 1 Dec 2004 for the following three new productions...

A Minute Too Late Devised by Complicite (at the Lyttelton, previews from 20 Jan 2005, opens 27 Jan, Closes 26 Feb 2005). Directed by Simon McBurney, cast includes: Jos Houben, Simon McBurney, Marcello Magni. A show about death. A Comedy of mourning, it was the second piece Complicite created 21 years ago.

The House Of Bernarda Alba by Fredericoi Garcia Lorca, in a new English version by David Hare, starring Penelope Wilton (at the Lyttelton, previews from 5 Mar 2005, opens 15 Mar, booking to 30 Apr 2005). Directed by Howard Davies, designed by Vicki Mortimer, lighting by Paule Constable. "Better never to lay eyes on a man, never to have seen one. Ever since I was a child, I've been frightened: the look of men, yoking up the oxen, picking up sacks of wheat, calling to each other, their thick voices, their thick boots. Every time I passed, fear of their hands, of their touch. God made me weak and ugly. It's his way of keeping them away." So pronounces one of five unmarried daughters before her elder sister, being the richest if least attractive of the bunch, is hastly betrothed. The youngest, buring with desire, begins a passionate, clandestine affair with her sister's suitor. She's spied upon by a jealous sibling, with devastating consequences

A Dream Play by August Strindberg, in a new version by Caryl Churchill (at the Cottesloe, previews from 4 Feb 2005, opens 16 Feb, booking to 29 Mar 2005). Cast Includes: Sean Jackson, Charlotte Roach, Dominic Rowan, Justin Sallinger, Susie Trayling, Augus Wright. Directed by Katie Mitchell, designed by Vicki Mortimer, lighting by Chris Davey , choreography by Kate Flatt. A dream about a girl from another world who comes to find out why people complain so much.


(Henry IV Parts 1 & 2, with Michael Gambon as Falstaff and David Bradley as the King, will be announced in early February 2005)


THe following three plays have been extended....

The History Boys by Alan Bennett, at the Lyttelton (was booking to 15 Jan 2005) new extension 31 Jan 2005 to 23 April 2005

Fix Up by Kwame Kwei-Armah, at the Cottesloe from 7 Dec 2004 (was booking to 11 Jan 2005) new extension 20 Jan 2005 to 23 March 2005. Cast includes: Claire Benedict, Jeffery Kisson, Mo Sesay, Nina Sosanya, Steve Toussaint

The Mandate by Nikolai Erdman, in a new version by Declan Donnellan, at the Cottesloe (was booking to 15 Jan) new extension to 26 Jan 2005

Public Booking opens 15 Nov 2004 for the above three extensions....


The National Theatre production of Primo written by and starring Antony Sher will transfer to the Hampstead Theatre from 23 Feb to 19 Mar 2005. (public booking opens 23 Nov)

His Dark Materials Based on the novels by Philip Pullman, adapted by Nicholas Wright. (continues at the Olivier from 20 Nov 2004 to 2 April 2005).


New Platforms announced......

Craig Brown’s Imaginary Friends
‘the greatest and cruellest parodist of out time’, is joined by Ian Hislop.
21 Jan 2005 at 6pm (Cottesloe)

The History Boys’ Poetry Evening
The History Boys present a one-off recitation of their forays into the literary world.
11 Feb 2005 at 6pm (Lyttleton)

Playing Pullman
Some of the actors appearing in His Dark Materials share their experiences of bringing some of the most popular characters in contemporary fiction to the stage.
16 Feb 2005 at 2.30pm (Olivier)

About A Minute Too Late
A post-performance Platform with Josef Houben, Simon McBurney and Marcello Magni.
18 Feb 2005 at 9.30pm (Lyttelton)

The Daemon Puppets
Learn more about dæmons, Gallivespians and angels...
18 Feb 2005 at 2.30pm (Olivier)

Eivor Martinus on August Strindberg
24 Feb 2005 at 6pm (Cottesloe)

Strindberg’s Chamber Plays
Two short programmes of readings from Strindberg’s Chamber Plays.
7 & 15 Mar 2005 at 6pm (Cottesloe)

Philip Pullman and Nicholas Wright
Writer and playwright reflect upon the experience of transferring the award-winning books to the theatre.
23 Mar 2005 at 6pm (Olivier)

Lorca: the Playwright
Discover some of his lesser-known works.
7 Apr 2005 at 6pm (Lyttelton)

Lorca: the poet
A reading of his poetry.
8 Apr at 6pm (Lyttelton)

The History Boys' End of Term Revue
As the end of term approaches for The History Boys, join staff and students as they let their hair down for the School Revue featuring songs, jokes, satires and sketches.
22 Apr 2005 (Lyttelton)

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