The Night Porters by Michael Moreland at Tabard 13 Sep

thistlesifters presents The Night Porters, by Michael Moreland, at the Tabard Theatre, in Chiswick, south London, from 13 Sep to 1 Oct 2011.

Directed by Robert Stuart.

In an old, crumbling, possibly haunted, hotel a new night porter is being trained. Terry only took the job for a bit of cash, easy money. He thought he would be handing out towels, doing security walks and maybe emptying the odd bin. He didn’t expect to have to deal with Don. Don is a believer, an investigator of the paranormal, a man who stands on the cusp of hidden dimensions, a conduit of forces we cannot explain, a big fan of Scotch eggs and the progressive rock band Rush. As the hotel creaks and the lights start to go out Terry begins to wonder if his first night will be his last.

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