The Orange Tree Announces New Season to 2 Feb 2013

The Orange Tree Theatre, in Richmond, south London, has announced its line up of productions from 5 Sep 2012 to 2 Feb 2013.

05 Sep - 6 Oct 2012
Yours For The Asking, by Ana Diosdado. Translated by Patricia W. O’Connor, directed by Sam Walters. A perfume advertising campaign goes wrong. A cynical reporter and a young photographer interview the attractive young model now at the centre of a scandal. The lift to her apartment breaks down, the paper wants its story and journalists are out of contact…

10 Oct - 10 Nov 2012
The White House Murder Case, by Jules Feiffer, directed by Christopher Morahan. A U.S. Presidential election is pending. The country is at war. A nerve gas, which should not have been deployed in the first place, catches in the wind and kills 750 American soldiers. How can this be spun to the voting public, especially when the current President’s wife is a ‘make love not war’ protestor? And then as the soldiers are dying and the White House prevaricates, a murder is committed.

14 Nov - 15 Dec 2012
Love's Comedy, by Henrik Ibsen. A version by Don Carleton, directed by David Antrobus. A guitar-playing young revolutionary poet struggles with the mixed emotions and consequences of falling in love.

19 Dec 2012 to 2 Feb 2013
Sauce For The Goose, by Georges Feydeau. Translated by Peter Meyer, directed by Sam Walters. Lucienne is being pursued by the married Pontagnac – who is astounded to discover that she is already married to his friend Vatelin, and also has an admirer called Redillon. Lucienne has sworn to be faithful as long as her husband remains so, too. But then a keen old ‘indiscretion’ of her husband’s unexpectedly arrives, with her own husband, from Germany. Everyone ends up in the Hotel Ultimus, where the guests include an old army doctor and his deaf wife in Paris to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Mayhem ensues.

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