The Orange Tree Announces Plays for Feb - Jul 2012.

The Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond, has announced its line up of productions for Feb - Jul 2012. The Plays include:

08 Feb 2012 - 10 Mar 2012
Muswell Hill, written Torben Betts, directed by Sam Walters, produced by the Orange Tree Theatre, cast includes Timothy Block, Tala Gouveia, Jasmine Hyde, Katie Hayes, Dan Starkey and Leon Ockenden. One night in January 2010 an earthquake in Haiti leaves around a hundred thousand people dead and almost two million homeless. Meanwhile, somewhere in a leafy north London suburb, a group of six individuals convene over dinner to share worries over their mortgages, their careers, their love lives and their diets – and whether or not any of them will be able to make a lasting impression on history.

14 Mar 2012 - 21 Apr 2012
Playhouse/Definitely The Bahamas (double bill), written and directed by Martin Crimp, produced by the Orange Tree Theatre, cast includes Obi Abili, Kate Fahy. Playhouse tells the story in 13 scenes of a young couple’s attempts to set up home, with sex, work, pregnancy, madness, parents, weird neighbours and cleaning the fridge.
Definitely the Bahamas , presents an unsettling mix of comedy and unbearable truth: Frank and Miller relish the visits of Michael, their charming and incredibly successful only child – but what exactly is his relationship to the young student living in their house?

25 Apr 2012 - 09 Jun 2012
The Conquering Hero, written by Allan Monkhouse, directed by Auriol Smith, produced by the Orange Tree Theatre. As the war approaches, the family is torn by differing attitudes to the coming conflict. Conscientious objections are not easy principles to espouse at such a time and in such a family. ‘Those that we call traitors may be the heroes – the men of conscience and ideals. It’s my work to look into men’s souls. It’s truth I want, not this blatant simplicity. We are to be all one now. What a time! The day of the cheap patriot has come.’

13 Jun 2012 - 30 Jun 2012
Dutchman/The Burglar Who Failed (double bill), written by Amiri Baraka (Dutchman) & St. John Hankin (The Burglar Who Failed), directed by Orange Tree trainee directors Karima Setohy and Polina Kalinina, produced by the Orange Tree Theatre. When burglar Bill Bludgeon decides to break into Mrs Maxwell’s house he meets his match – a feisty schoolgirl with a hockey stick. The burglar’s true identity is unravelled and the notion of ‘good Christianity’ is tested.
In Dutchman, Lula, a beautiful white woman, walks into a train carriage eating an apple. She goads Clay, a naïve black student, and they quickly establish a sexually-charged rapport. But the situation deteriorates as Lula and Clay play out the history of their backgrounds within the patterns of American life.

03 Jul 2012 - 07 Jul 2012
Sabbat: The Trials Of The Pendle Witches, written by Richard Shannon, directed by Amy Leach, produced by The Dukes, Lancaster. Good Friday 1612. High on a hill in the wild and lawless area of Pendle in Lancashire, a secret meeting is held at Malkin Tower. By the end of the year, most of those present have been sentenced to death at Lancaster Castle – hanged for the crime of witchcraft. 400 years later and The Lancashire Witches has become the most famous witch hunt and trial in British history.

10 Jul 2012 - 14 Jul 2012
Mottled Lines, written by Archie W Maddocks, directed by Henry Bell, produced by the Orange Tree Theatre. ‘Soon as you saw me, you done that thing. That thing that shows everyone that you got the fear in you.’ In August 2011 England’s streets were taken over. Mottled Lines explores how the breakdown in communication and the unconscious spread of fear caused these events to occur. This is for the people who rioted and the people who didn’t.

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