The Pride by Alexi Kaye Campbell at Bridewell Theatre

The Tower Theatre Company presents The Pride by Alexi Kaye Campbell, at Bridewell Theatre, a fringe venue in city of London, from 10 to 14 Dec 2013.

Directed by Jane Dodd, this is the UK amateur premiere of The Pride. A professional production of the play by Jamie Lloyd/Ambassadors Theatre Group has been running at the Trafalgar Studios 1 Theatre in central London from 8 Aug 2013 and will close on 23 Nov 2013, then goes on a short UK tour which includes The Richmond Theatre, in south London 27 Jan to 1 Feb 2014.

In 1958, Philip and Sylvia have all the trappings of a happy marriage but Sylvia senses that Philip is hiding something, even from himself. Sylvia introduces children's author Oliver to her repressed husband Philip and the meeting quivers with an awkwardness that hints at unspoken desires. Fast forward to today and Philip and Oliver are in a relationship - or they were until Oliver's addiction to sex with strangers drove Philip away from him. He discusses this frankly with his confidante, Sylvia; she wants to focus on her own emotional life, but is sucked in by Oliver's neediness and does her best to support her closest friend.

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