Shakespeare-inspired play ‘The Prince’ to open at Southwark Playhouse

A majority trans cast will star in the off-West End play.

Sophie Thomas
Sophie Thomas

Abigail Thorn’s debut play The Prince will run at Southwark Playhouse in autumn 2022. The Prince begins previews on 15 September, with an opening night on 19 September, and performances to 8 October.

Set inside William Shakespeare’s play, Henry IV Part One, The Prince follows Jen and Sam who want to break out of their world. As they pass their way to reality, they learn that Henry ‘Hotspur’ Percy isn’t all he seems, and decide to risk it all to help someone find their real self.

Abigail Thorn writes The Prince. In 2021, she came out as a transgender woman with her video Identity: A Trans Coming Out Story.

"The Prince is a show about being trapped in bad relationships - with parents, friends, lovers, and even with yourself,” said Thorn. “My genius dramaturge Donnacadh O'Briain describes it as “Elizabethan sci-fi” - I tell friends it’s like The Matrix if it was written in 1600."

The Prince cast includes Thorn as Hotspur, Tianna Arnold as Lady Kate, Joni Ayton-Kent as Sam, Mary Malone as Jen, Che Walker as Northumberland / King Henry IV, Corey Montague Sholay as Prince Hal, Richard Rees as Worcester, and Tyler Luke Cunningham as Douglas. Natasha Rickman directs The Prince.

The Prince is at Southwark Playhouse.

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