The Proposal/To Be a Wife: Same-sex Marriage Comedies

Goblin Baby Theatre Company will present a new production of The Proposal/To Be a Wife at the Hen and Chickens Theatre in Islington, north London from 7 to 11 October 2014.

The production is in response to the legislations allowing same-sex marriage in the UK & alongside the widely discussed discrimination of LGBT people in Russia, and combines Anton Chekhov's one-act-classic The Proposal in a new twist by turning it into a futuristic farce about marriage equality. The classic is paired with a brand new play about same-sex marriage by Tilly Lunken called To Be a Wife.

Chekhov's The Proposal is directed by Joe Allan and follows Ivana who comes to propose marriage to Stepan's daughter Natalya. To Be a Wife, directed by Tessa Hart, begins in England 1814 as Iris loves Bel but is married to Roddy. Later, in 1914 Bel marries Roddy but of course she loves Iris. It climaxes in 2014 as Bel and Iris can marry, and Roddy doesn't have to take a wife.

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